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Industrial - Burglar Alarms

Trouble-free and functional, the words you want to use to describe the alarm system for any facility. You can rely on Owl-Tech to put great consideration towards that goal in their design of the security for your industrial site. Whether the system is used daily, weekly or less frequently, solid, reliable equipment and well thought out installation is mandatory for industrial applications.

The prevention of unauthorized access is important for so many reasons in the industrial environment in order to protect both people and property. Yet security is only one aspect of what an alarm system can offer. Consider the added possibilities:

  • Sound alarms on fire exit only doors
  • Keep vault or tool crib areas secure while other areas are in full production
  • Have email reports sent to your desktop or smartphone to track system activation, deactivation by area and by user.
  • Integrate with access control or video to confirm user identity or verify cause of alarm activation
  • Remove user codes quickly to stop an employee that no longer has entry rights from disarming the system even if they haven’t returned their key.
  • Communicate early notification of fire and summon response by connecting appropriate fire detection devices to your security system for monitoring. Connect your fire panel or sprinkler system to your monitored alarm system to enhance their function.
  • Secure exterior compounds, outbuildings, equipment or dangerous open areas with speciality outdoor sensors that can integrate into the building security system.
  • Monitor for environmental conditions such as high/low temperatures, harmful, gases, lighting levels, water escape and other critical settings. You can even receive notification to your smartphone along with dispatch and advisement by the monitoring station when a problem occurs

Owl-Tech Security System Services uses the best products in their installations choosing from internationally recognized and strong brands such as DSC and Honeywell to meet your security system requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your industrial security needs.

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